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Intelligent interactive flat panel provided by senses replaced the existing digital board / blackboard in our classrooms. Even though designed for offline mode of teaching, the panel can be used for hybrid sessions as well by installing an external webcam. The panel is compatible with all cameras.

Black board/ white board or theme-based background is available with the panel for writing, drawing and annotation. A battery free stylus is also available with the panel. The panel is easy to handle for all type of end users. The tedious job of turning on multiple devices like CPU, Projector, White board etc are done away with as the FPD starts working with just one button press. The panel also supports dual operating systems – Android and Windows. OPS is inbuilt as a single board computer which makes it thinner in design.

The panel has handwriting recognition is also available using which handwritten notes can be converted into digital text.

The panel also provides common features like two-line, four-line (with provision to adjust line spacing), graph paper and other Mathematical tools. The screen has a toughened glass protection with the spacing between the screen and screen guard is negligible to improve clarity. Split screen feature, wireless mirroring, and image insertion from Google into the canvas are some of the additional features provided. The panel has a power saving design which enables auto power off.


The school has a excellent knowledge bank with a reading room to encourage children to read varied subjects. Children are advised on the kind of books to read, and how to make the best use of what they read besides developing healthy reading habits from a very tender age. The library has a collection of ……………….. books.



Chemistry lab is specious and can accommodate 24 students at a time. Each table is provided with a granite top, shelves, basins and racks. Table reagents like HCL, H2SO4, NH4OH etc are provided on the racks.  The fire extinguisher and First Aid Box are within easy access in case of emergencies.


The school has a well-equipped and ventilated lab that can accommodate 40 students at a time. Each table has an electric supply that enables students to do their practicals effectively.  Equipments like Sonometer, Grave’s sand apparatus, resonance colomn, Meter Bridge etc are there in sufficient numbers. The lab is equipped with firefighting equipments .


Biology lab is well equipped with facilities to conduct practicals for classes upto X. The lab is well ventilated and specious and can accommodate 35 students at a time. Lab has a collection of plant and animal specimens, charts , modals, compound microscopes , dissection microscopes, electronic balance, permanent slides etc.


Maths lab is specious, enough to accommodate 30 – 40 students at a time. There is enough space for students to perform their activities with ease and move freely to interact with fellow students and with the teachers. It is equipped with instruments like Teachers instrument box, mathematical tables, solids (cubes, cuboids, sphere, cone, cylinder etc.), measuring instruments, cutting instruments etc.

It also has working models and projects prepared by students. There is a notice board to display mathematical charts. Portraits of Mathematicians along with their work art also displayed.


The school has a computer lab which can accommodate 30 students. It is equipped with latest hardware and software.


Bus No. 1.(from …………… to)

Boarding point




Bus No. 2.(from …………… to)

Boarding point